How Alex & Lauren got out of the 9-5 trap and started earning $100,000 per month.

Relaxing couple

Imagine, you wake up in the morning in a resort in Bali next to your partner not worrying about going to work, wasting time in traffic and struggling throughout the day for a monthly paycheque. Alex & Lauren as a couple made it a reality for them. They both like to travel together. While travelling they started to earn money. Think how amazing it will be. They call it “From broke and Frustrated to Success”.

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Both of them met together after a right swipe. Actually, they found each other through Tinder. In 2014 tinder had more than one-night stand chance. So, after a few meetups, they fell in love and started the journey for freedom. Then these high school sweethearts got out of college and started working.

Alex started working as a Personal Trainer. So, he was trading his time with dollars for his clients. Through that job, it seems there is no chance of increasing the income. The only way he found was to start his own Gym which was not a possible thing in those days for Alex. 

Alex had to wake at 4.30 am every day to work with 5.00 am clients. This kept his social life so far from him. He can’t be partying and gets up at 4.30 am for work. So it is not possible, right? What he says is that he made a decent amount of money but felt incredibly poor when looking at his bank accounts. So, he was not satisfied with his life at the time. On contrary, Lauren was not doing that much good. She was working for 9-5 and plus 80 hours in tax season. But the thing is she was paid mediocrely for an MBA with a CPA licence.  

The thing is they didn’t suck at their life. But, it was a life that is more similar to normal mediocre people. So, they wanted to get out of this monotonous lifestyle. It is where it all began. 

Photo by Jeremy Banks on Unsplash

They have started their first blog called Health and Happy Hour which is dedicated to being healthy while partying and having a social life. At that time they didn’t know anything about ‘blogging’. Anyway, after 3 months they failed their first attempt.

As Alex was in the fitness and health industry they have started a new blog called avocado which is a fitness and health blog focusing on fat loss for women. This was the attempt that encouraged them to stay in the blog business. Now they have their own digital products and a physical product also. It is a weight loss tablet made in the USA.

After their first successful blog, they were able to make $100k monthly. Now, they make more than that. They can work anywhere in the world while travelling. They got out of the rat race and found their own freedom. So are you seeking the freedom of time and money from life? So, be like Alex and Lauren.

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