6 Step guide to earning $10k+ from Amazon Self Publishing [Side hustle Ideas]


Have you ever thought that you can earn money from book publishing even if you are not a writer? Do you even know that there are 2million+ self-published books on Amazon KDP? So, I am going to give you the formula to earn money with Amazon KDP.

What is Amazon KDP?

KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. We can self-publish ebooks and paperbacks through Amazon KDP. The wonder of this program is that we can reach millions of readers around the world through Amazon.com.

There are so many successful people who found their fortune through Amazon KDP. Dane McBeth is one of them who started Publishing and made $10K+ per month. Well, Dane and a few other publishers used this method to earn that amazing income as a side hustle. (Anyway, Dane quit his job after he became successful with the business.)

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Step1: Research the niche you like

Type amazon.com. Then go to the Kindle eBooks section. There you can find the categories for book publishing. You can find what is best suited for you or which is more popular. You can access which is more popular by considering the reviews given. (Tip: Fiction is not good for outsourcing) 

Step2: Find the most appealing book title

Now you know the niche you want to publish in so the next step is finding the most popular book titles. When you scroll through your category you can mark the titles which have the most reviews. They should be good reviews right? 

Then read the reviews from those selected titles. After your own research, you will be able to find the most appealing book title. (Tip: You can use SEO methods if you have any idea about it) 

Step3: Find a freelance writer to create content

With the book title and a rough or clear idea about the content of the book, you can start finding a freelancer for that. In my opinion, Upwork is the best place for that. Find a good freelancer with good reviews for a lower price.

Step4: Create a book cover 

They say “Do not judge a book by its cover”. But, it is not true for most people. In this technology era appearance matters to attract people. So, find and collect popular book covers and send them to a freelancer to do the work for you. I prefer Fiverr for that kind of design because of the large number of freelancers for lower prices. 

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Step5: Proofread yourself

When you have the final copy of the book, it’s recommended you proofread yourself. If you can go through another person, maybe your friend with good language knowledge it will be better.

Step6: Publish on Amazon KDP

Now, you can publish the book on amazon. Just search google ‘How to publish a book on amazon’ Follow the steps. Well, now you are an amazon KDP Publisher. Congrats!

In Conclusion

Throughout the article, I have explained the basic steps for Amazon KDP Publishing. You may need more information to do the actual task. But, here I have shown you the path on the success map. You just have to go through this while finding answers through the process I showed. This is not magic. But, most Publishers make money through this algorithm. So, give it a shot. This could be your life changer!!


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